The final project of the introductory architecture course Design Fundamentals II asked us to design a program of subterranean spaces. Revisiting former projects as precedent, my team and I narrowed in on the concept of absurdist architecture, moving forward with the intent of creating disconcerting spaces.
With an eye to the fantastical and sensational qualities of absurdist theatre and literature, we were interested in discovering how this sensation could be paired with the experiential and spatial qualities of architecture.
Our design takes advantage of a hill into which the building is buried, which provides not only the opportunity for lighting above but from the side as well. We seized this opportunity for absurdity, using the light to direct circulation, often from unexpected sources. 
Sloped floors, disorienting labyrinth-like circulation, caving ceilings, sloped walls, and underwater space all create a unique architecture - the architecture of the absurd.
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